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Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater, RCC

Jeannette Rudy Fitzwater, RCC

Owner & Strategic Coach

Over 25 years of executive and management experience in HR, Training, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Sales.

1947 Maryland Highway
Oakland, MD 21550

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In recent years, the concept of “Corporate Coaching” has gained a great deal of traction, and for good reason. Effective coaching is proven to improve communication, performance and productivity.  And now you have the opportunity to work with an expert in the field and  improve the overall performance of your team and your organization.

She has a proven track record of maximizing both individual and organizational performance. Noting her passion for training and business coaching, she is often told that her enthusiasm is infectious!

I fully see how the DISC program can be useful in business as well as everyday relationships. I look forward to continuing to use and grow with the DISC program, as well as other opportunities to be in your classes.

Chris Webb

With experience comes real-life examples; Jeannette has both business and non-profit experiences which lend to her wealth of knowledge that she brings to each session in a real-world and down-to-earth manner that can help your business see maximum return for your investment, as well as solutions to the problems you and your team may face.

Energetic, clear communications and solutions are what make Jeannette so enthusiastic about coaching.  She has a passion for getting everyone to speak the same language, being there to help people have the “ah ha!” moments and helping to make a difference and feel good about the role they play at their organization.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Jeannette has also graduated from several professional banking schools, is an Alumna of Leadership Maryland and has earned the unique designation of a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC).  She enjoys volunteering in her spare time, visiting her children and avidly traveling with her husband.

Jeannette possesses the unusual combination of being both very organized and structured and creative and insightful in her work for clients.

Cheryl Barker

JR Fitzwater & Associates

Helping your business team grow stronger!

I continue to find the insights generated by the analysis to be “spot on”. I wish I had been able to do this about 15 years ago – I’d have had so much more ability to take advantage of the guidance and perhaps have modified some results. There’s still time, though, and I’ll keep at it!

Karen M.

Personally, I can’t possibly describe my satisfaction and joy. We are certainly going in the right direction. It’s just good all around! Your help and support has made this possible!

Eric Livengood

Livengood, Devore & Company

Personable, easily had the group participating in training. Wonderful presenter, very professional and informative. Very organized, knew the subject matter and had practical suggestions.


Garrett College


Livengood, Devore & Company
Maryland Bankers Association
The Greater Cumberland Committee
Railey Mountain Lake Vacations
Community Housing Partners
First United Bank & Trust