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Some managers just seem to be capable of building sensational teams. We can help you enjoy that same level of teamwork through understanding your own style and the styles of others in a way that will contribute to your team’s success. Let’s build better business together!
West Virginia Women's Leadership Conference

Discussions at the West Virginia Women's Leadership Conference

Our process will help you with…


The foundation of effective leadership is grounded in understanding oneself, recognizing how your particular style impacts others, and bridging the two to achieve shared results.

Workplace Effectiveness

Learning how to adapt to the right style and the right time with the right person – all without sacrificing one’s own perspective, will reveal new and effective strategies for handling a wide range of situations. These simple but profound behavioral shifts have the power to transform individual and team performance.

Team Building & Strengthening

Understand and appreciate the different styles of the people you work with. Create strategies for overcoming challenges you may face when working with people of different styles.

It is really not a training for us, it is part of our culture and how we communicate. It’s critical that we keep this alive!

Jason B. Rush

SVP & Chief Operating Officer, First United Bank & Trust

What is a Corporate Coach?

A Corporate Coach works with you and asks thorough questions to get to the heart of the matter, but doesn’t give answers. Helps the client to see the answers for themselves, creating ‘Ah Ha!’ moments!

Improved Management

Have you ever wondered why some managers are able to build sensational teams and others just remain in conflict? It’s amazing what can happen when varied talents come together. Knowing your style and the styles of others may be the key to your team’s success!
Is it worth it?
According to a variety of sources such as Fortune Magazine and the Manchester Review, the Return on Investment (ROI) with coaching often exceeds 5 to 6 times the original investment cost.

Fortune 500 companies often find that coaching is a standard leadership development practice for their elite executives and talented up-and-comers.

Additionally, the Weatherhead School of Management reports that the impact of coaching and training can last seven (7) years!

How do I choose a coach?
Be sure the style and processes of the coach are compatible with you and your business. Ensure they are a good listener and the issues you are experiencing are ones with which the coach has previously dealt. Ensure no conflict of interest. Determine their level of experience; just because they have credentials does not mean they are an experienced coach.

Then, after checking references, your budget and timing; you will have found a quality partner that will help you and your business thrive!

Can you handle it?
Accepting a coach to help you and your organization is not always easy. These few tips might help you understand what you are about to embark upon:

  • You will be challenged
  • It will take your investment
  • You will need to listen
  • Be open minded
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Take responsibility


Livengood, Devore & Company
Maryland Bankers Association
The Greater Cumberland Committee
Railey Mountain Lake Vacations
Community Housing Partners
First United Bank & Trust
Thank you for leading us in a wonderful team building retreat based on the DiSC instrument. The team learned a lot and all believe the exercise will improve how we interact and work together. You were a terrific facilitator and did so in a reassuring yet straightforward way so that we could all benefit from the conversation.
Kathleen M. Murphy

Maryland Bankers Association

Last evening’s meeting was very productive. Especially so because the points or homework were very clear cut. We left knowing what we need to do and the goals are very clear. It is this type of work that makes coaching so wonderful for us. We talk, decide, commit, and execute!
Eric Livengood

Livengood, Devore & Company

We used Five Behaviors for the first time two weeks ago. The team is already gaining traction. This solution is so impactful!
Laura Croft

Director of Human Capital, Community Housing Partners

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