Developing Talent as a Turnaround Strategy for Growth Case Study

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Thank you for leading us in a wonderful team building retreat based on the DiSC instrument. The team learned a lot and all believe the exercise will improve how we interact and work together. You were a terrific facilitator and did so in a reassuring yet straightforward way so that we could all benefit from the conversation.

Kathleen M. Murphy

Maryland Bankers Association

I fully see how the DISC program can be useful in business as well as everyday relationships. I look forward to continuing to use and grow with the DISC program, as well as other opportunities to be in your classes.

Chris Webb

Jeannette does a great job of blending the scientific element of DiSC with practical application, along with an understanding of its fit and purpose within our culture. I value the discussions that have been spawned through these sessions within the group, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. Thanks for showing the way!

David Hart

First United Bank & Trust

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Understanding DiSC®

Everything DiSC® is a personality assessment that helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. The research-validated tool helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels.

I learned very practical techniques for getting the most from my employees. I’ve already seen tangible results from what I learned. A+++.


West Virginia Women's Leadership Conference

Discussions at the West Virginia Women's Leadership Conference

Our process will help you with…


The foundation of effective leadership is grounded in understanding oneself, recognizing how your particular style impacts others, and bridging the two to achieve shared results.

Workplace Effectiveness

Learning how to adapt to the right style and the right time with the right person – all without sacrificing one’s own perspective, will reveal new and effective strategies for handling a wide range of situations. These simple but profound behavioral shifts have the power to transform individual and team performance.

Team Building & Strengthening

Understand and appreciate the different styles of the people you work with. Create strategies for overcoming challenges you may face when working with people of different styles.


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